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      Self-cleaning filter
      Single processing water volume 16-2800m3/h Maximum working pressure 0.2-1.6Mpa
      Pressure loss during filter cleaning ≤0.018Mpa Maximum water temperature 95℃
      Filtering accuracy range 10-3000μm Water required for self-cleaning <1%
      Self cleaning time 10-60S Self cleaning control method Pressure difference, time, and manual operation
      Electric control mode 380V/50Hz Control interface Digital display, knob, switch、PLC、485
      Filter type 316L Auxiliary material Q235B、304、316
      ◆  working principle
           The water to be treated enters the body through the inlet, and impurities in the water deposit on the stainless steel filter screen, resulting in a pressure difference. By monitoring the pressure difference changes at the inlet and outlet through a pressure difference switch, when the pressure difference reaches the set value, the electric controller sends a signal to the drain valve and drive the motor, triggering the following actions: the motor drives the cleaning component to rotate to clean the filter element, and the control valve opens to drain. The entire cleaning process only lasts for tens of seconds. When the cleaning is completed, the control valve is closed, the motor stops rotating, and the system returns to its initial state, Start the next filtering process. After the installation of the equipment, technicians will debug it according to the on-site water quality, set the filtration time and cleaning conversion time. The water to be treated will enter the body from the inlet, and the filter will start working normally. When the preset cleaning time is reached, the electric controller sends signals to the hydraulic control valve and driving motor, triggering the following actions: the electric motor drives the cleaning component to rotate, cleaning the filter element, and the control valve opens to drain. The entire cleaning process only lasts for tens of seconds. When the cleaning is completed, the control valve is closed, the motor stops rotating, the system returns to its initial state, and the next filtering process begins.


      Inlet and outlet(mm)






      K(mm) Filter screen area(cm2 Water treatment capacity(m3/h) weight(Kg)
      CNAF-JT02 2 50 1005 456 743 580 257 491 1165 16 77
      CNAF-JT03 3 80 1005 456 743 580 257 491 1367 45 77
      CNAF-JT04 4 100 1005 456 743 580 257 491 2095 65 77
      CNAF-JT05 5 125 1005 456 743 580 257 491 2351 105 77
      CNAF-JT06 6 150 1260 605 995 617 303 561 3014 150 130
      CNAF-JT08 8 200 1260 605 995 617 303 561 4472 265 130
      CNAF-JT10 10 250 1823 890 1469 761 393 660 10200 410 290
      CNAF-JT12 12 300 1823 890 1469 761 393 660 10200 590 290
      CNAF-JT14 14 350 900 1552 1782 1290 1139 500 12000 900 430
      CNAF-JT16 16 400 900 1552 1784 1290 1139 500 12000 1200 550
      CNAF-JT18 18 450 950 1700 1943 1290 1139 600 15000 1500 680
      CNAF-JT20 20 500 950 1700 1943 1290 1139 600 15000 2000 720
      CNAF-JT24 24 600 1000 1722 1963 1290 1139 650 18000 2800 915
      ◆  Application scope
            metallurgyContinuous casting water, high-pressure dephosphorization water, clean circulating water, turbid circulating water filtration, full filtration of cooling water, side filtration, nozzle protection
            powerTurbine cooling water filtration, ash water recovery filtration, dust suppression nozzle protection, full filtration and side filtration of cooling tower water
            raw waterFiltering of sand, algae, and organic matter during extraction of lake, river, reservoir, well, rainwater, and groundwater
            agricultureSprinkler and drip irrigation water treatment
            other:Construction, steel, petroleum, chemical, electronics, power generation, textile, paper, food, sugar, pharmaceutical, plastic, automotive industries
      Widely used in drinking water treatment, building circulating water treatment, industrial circulating water treatment, sewage treatment, mining industry water treatment, golf course water treatment and other fields. Domestic application water pretreatment, various industrial water production, water supply treatment pretreatment, reclaimed water treatment, wastewater treatment, various operating conditions circulating water filtration
          The fully automatic self-cleaning filter is a precision equipment that directly intercepts impurities in water through a filter screen to purify water quality and protect the normal operation of other equipment in the system. Water enters the self-cleaning filter body from the water inlet. Due to intelligent (PLC, PAC) design, the system can automatically identify the degree of impurity deposition and signal the sewage valve to automatically discharge. The fully automatic self-cleaning filter overcomes the many shortcomings of traditional filtering products, such as low pollution capacity, easy blockage by dirt, the need to disassemble and clean the filtering part, and the inability to monitor the filter status. It has the function of filtering the raw water and automatically cleaning and discharging the filter element. The system also provides uninterrupted water supply during cleaning and discharging, which can monitor the working status of the filter with a high degree of automation. Covering various filtration accuracy requirements from 10um to 3000um, we provide customers with circulating water filtration equipment.
      ◆  Features of fully automatic self-cleaning filter
      The design structure is simple.
      Short backwash time, low flow rate, and pressure loss.
      The control system is intelligentized (PLC, PAC) and has a high degree of automation.
      The device can be connected to the central control system.
      High precision filtration ensures stable effluent quality.
      The filter is used for life and does not require replacement.
      Long service life.
      Suitable for different raw water quality and water usage requirements.
      Less vulnerable parts, no consumables, low operating costs, and simple operation and management.
      Automatic backwashing without interruption of flow.
      Selection of fully automatic self-cleaning filters
      Filtering accuracy conversion

      Mesh count

      How to choose a suitable filtering scheme
          In order to achieve the best filtering effect and meet the user's requirements for water, electricity, and labor saving to the maximum extent, please consult the LuoLun(LUO DAO LUO) filtering dealer. LuoLun(LUO DAO LUO) filtration authorized agents and distributors have received professional technical training from LuoLun(LUO DAO LUO) filtration experts. They will make the best choice for you with their professional knowledge, rich market experience, and rigorous scientific attitude.
      When selecting filters, please consider the following factors
      Water treatment capacity
      Pipeline pressure of the system
      User requested filtering accuracy
      Concentration of suspended solids in filtered impurities
      Physical and chemical properties of filter media
      Special Purpose Filter
           LuoLun(LUO DAO LUO) filtration can be designed and produced for various pressure ranges according to user needs; LuoLun(LUO DAO LUO) filtration uses a special process to produce filters with temperatures up to 95oC. For filters that need to work in cold conditions, LuoLun(LUO DAO LUO) filtration will use a special filtration control system; In response to the strong corrosiveness of seawater, LuoLun(LUO DAO LUO) uses special materials such as nickel and titanium alloy for filtration, and performs special processing on the filter; LuoLun(LUO DAO LUO) filtering can provide targeted solutions based on user specific operating conditions and requirements.


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